Some Important Facts About Human

Length of Food Canal in stomachApprox. 8 meter
Longest BoneFemur (Thigh Bone)
Smallest BoneStepese (Ear )
Weight of Brain(male)1400 grms
Volume of Blood6.8 liters in 70 kg body
Life span of RBC120 days
Life span of WBC3-4 days
Normal blood pressure120/80 mm of Hg
Hemoglobin content in human body500 -700 grms
Universal Blood DonorO -ve
Universal blood receptorAB
Blood Clotting Time2- 5 minute
Normal Weight Of human body70 Kg
Normal Body Temperature98.4 F or 37 degree
Rate of Breathing16-20 per minute
Number of teeth32 in adults and 22 in child
Largest Endocrine glandThyroid
Gestation period9 months (253 – 266 days)
Normal Heart rate72 – 75 per minute
Largest Smooth muscleuterus of pregnant woman
Largest GlandLiver
Highest regeneration powerLiver
Lowest regeneration powerBrain Cell
minimum Distance of proper vision25 meter
Pulse Rate72 per minute
Smallest SkinConjunctiva
pH of Human Blood7.35 – 7.45

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